URVEScript commands

Play 1;

Plays dynamic clip with ID=1 (set in properties). It can take parameter with URL address if necessary. Example: Play 1 https://eveo.pl;

Wait 1000;

Wait one second (1000 miliseconds) before running command after semicolon. Example Wait 1000; Play 1; will play clip with ID=1 after one second.

ChangeCollection Area_1 Playlist2 true true true true ;

Change playlist in area. Start now – True/False, Change onTop parameter for all clips in playlist – True/False, Force play (from begininning) of Playlist2 even if it is already played – True/False, Remember last clip and time on playlist before change – True/False

SetVolume 0; SetVolume 100;

Change player’s volume. 0 is silent, 100 max.

PlayPrevInArea Area_1;

Change clip in Area_1 to previous one. If player plays first movie clip, last will be played.

PlayNextInArea Area_1;

Change clip in Area_1 to next one. If player plays last movie clip, first will be played.


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